Thursday, 2 May 2013


This video is meant for international and local students who may not know about Manglish.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pedagogical Potentials of Blog

Blog is one of the famous software programs to express feelings, share knowledge, seek for new information and so on. Nowadays, everyone is a blogger whether they realize it or not. Posting something on Facebook, you received a comment, then you are one of the blogger. Tweeting a short sentences of 140 characters then you are a micro blogger. It all about creativity that will lead to social interactions.

So, what are the advantages of having a blogger blog?

  1. It is free. There is no charge in hosting a blog. All you need are internet services and a computer or laptop.
  2. By using blogger, you may find many beautiful templates that you can use for your background later on. You can customize it according to your desire.
  3. Gadgets or widgets are provided to make your blog more nice and useful.
  4. You can easily edit your blog by providing pictures, videos and links.

Features in blog

  1. Publishing. You can post texts, pictures, videos and even more to your blog.
  2. Earn money. There is a new features where you can earn money when you post something that is original on your favorite topics. 
  3. Feedback from the readers. By using blogger, it is easy for your readers to leave comments on your blog by giving you useful and timely feedback.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Learning Theories

Three Learning Theories and How it Can Be Applied in Teaching


  1. Behaviorist emphasize the concept of black box, means that students don't have any knowledge or experience in learning.  
  2. Learning is enhanced by having repetition, punishment and reward in gaining new knowledge.
  3. The major players in Behaviorist are Pavlov, Skinner and Bloom.

How it Can be Applied in Teaching

Break down learning into a small tasks. For example when teaching students on how to read a book. Break the process into several lessons on consonant clusters, vowels and so on. Once they able to read, give them some rewards to motivate them in learning.

  1. Mental processes involve in learning such as recognize, recall, analyse, reflect, apply, create, understand and evaluate. 
  2. The learner comes with knowledge, skills and related experiences to the learning situation.
  3. The major player in Cognitivist is Piaget.

How it Can be Applied in Teaching

Discuss the cause and reaction. For instance, talk about the hazards in the kitchen. Discuss what will happen if they touch the hot stove. What kind of hazards they could meet in kitchen.

  1. Learning theory that is based on observation, experimentation and their own experiences.
  2. They have to discover or create something new that will make them discover their own knowledge.

How it Can be Applied in Teaching

Provide a task or an activities (group work) that allow students to analyse certain situation and solve the situation given by providing different kinds of solution. Students will gain experience when they work with their teammates.